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The Art of Being Poor

Supermarket special offers... Bags of rancid bones... Cheap frozen Valencian paella... Ingenious tales of making poverty work...


NEW!!!  Deathly Hallows   NEW!!!


The opening text of The Void Ratio. A book by Shane Levene & Karolina Urbaniak. With foreword by Martin Bladh. Published by Infinity Land Press

Love's Down Tango

A descent into the depravity of love...




Junking Ballad of Earling Mid Morning

A spoken word poem on the strains and logistics of picking up early morning...




The Night That The Storm Came In

I want to tell you of the night that the storm came in. Of how I was out on my feet, wandering around town... ... 


The Devil's Pause

The author recounts his first brief hiatus from smack and the circles of hell which lead him back...


The Poet's Curse


Spoken word prose with audio text. The author writes on how the words blow in.



Le Désespoir de La France #2

A tirade against France




A Letter to My Landlord

A letter of notice to my long-suffering landlord....


!!NEW!!   2 Stories of the Sea & Love   

The author relates two stories of the sea and love




NEW!   A Syllabus of Deceit - Part3 

The final instalment of the Trey saga. This time the young Massachusetts junkie goes a Short Step Too Far.


A Summer on the Cours Gambetta

In the summer when the trees are full the sunlight falls in mottled dabs upon the Cours Gambetta...

Recital of SICK @ L'Olympia Paris, March 2016



Peter Doherty Improvises The Void Ratio



Intro Video to So Dog We Were Too









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