Peter Doherty performs an improvised song based on the title of my book  The Void Ratio as Katia de Vidas recites some text from The Body of Ewan Salt.  Yours Truly was the camera man.





HoneySuckle Magazine - Disparate Thoughts of a Heroinhead : Murder, trauma, poverty and heroin. An in-depth interview with Yours Truly


The FIX Magazine - Interview with the Heroinhead: Rehab, art and death...  and virgins fucking my corpse. An interview with Nathan Thompson


Press Interview : Shane Levene on Dennis Nilsen . Nilsen Through the Eyes of Victim's Son: 3 page newspaper article printed  in the Aberdeenshire Press and Journal. Interview carried out by Cheryl Livinstone


SKY NEWS INTERVIEW with Dermot Murnaghan




Ten Best Levene Quotes


The Writer Who Shits on Publishers' Desks 


Shane Levene Heroin Art  


Site of the Year


Phenomenal literary ability


Memoires of a Heroinhead write-up




The Void Ratio


The Void Ratio Artistic Review 


Books and Articles Involving The Heroinhead


Independent - How the heroin drought will affect the UK



Dennis Nilsen - Conversations with Britain's Most Evil Serial Killer  by Russ Coffey

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