Tristram Spencer is waiting for John. John his lover who upped and left with no warning nor forwarding address. When John finally sends word of his whereabouts it is from the local mental institution. And so, The Wait begins... 


Wheelchairs on Church steeples. Tombolo. Pet Goldfish. Window Boxes. Barbara Cartland. Elvis Costello type glasses. Nosey neighbours. Queer police chiefs. A Camp Postboy. Marlowe the Dog. Drunk drivers & city pifeons All combine to push one man into the depths of loneliness and despair, madness and ultimately tragedy. 



To read the unedited, first draft version of Waiting for John go HERE.


The novel itself, currently collecting dust, has undergone a full rewrite and has been greatly adapted to work in a traditional printed format.

For more news about Waiting for John, possible publishing date and availibility watch this space.



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